We call this the “About” page because we’re “about” to post something on it.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am interested in any cases dealing with invasive “running” bamboo in the State of Washington or similar. I am also interested in securign elgal counsel and looking for any contacts offered.


  2. The Municipality of Anchorage owns the land directly behind my property. There are several mature cottonwood trees on the unused city property that are growing into and damaging the chain link fence that borders my property. The extensive large, thick root systems from these trees are also disrupting my lawn and lifting my shed. At present the roots are within five feet of the foundation of my home. Today I received an email from the Anchorage planning director telling me that the city will not remove the encroaching trees or grind out the root systems. He says that any required remedy is my financial responsibility. Are there any settled cases that deal with this general topic. As it stands now, it is me against the Municipality of Anchorage; they have the financial resources and an entire legal team and I have nothing comparable.

  3. Your article on Palsgraf is really good.

    I have currently been employeed a whole week in NYC—so I decided to skip work today—and go to Brooklyn and ride the LIRR from the Palsgraf Platform at the Atlantic Terminal, to Far Rockaway Beach.

    Im going to day drink, shoot fireworks, and make reasonably prudent decisions.

    TIL: bodegas in Chinatown still sells fireworks.

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