Trespass and Damages


This page is under construction as of November 11, 2013.

One thought on “Trespass and Damages

  1. We have THE REAL neighbor from Hell.!!
    He has threatened to kill our indoor cats if they ever got out, and he did.he has physically assault Ed me, was arrested and went to jail. 6 years ago, he decided that all the trees on his front and back yard were diseased. They were not. He cut at least 8 beautiful trees down without a permit from the city. Because he thought all his trees were diseased, so he said our 30 year old Live Oak was and needed to come down. A small portion is f bottom trunk and root system cross our property line. He is now using the excuse that the tree is interfering with his lawn sprinkler system. Which he doesn’t use and his lawn is totally dead and has weeds 3 feet tall.
    He had cut all the limbs on his side of our tree but clearly cut 3-4 ft over the property line, has bored 4 large holes in the base of the tree and drilled s large metal pipe at the bottom, draining all water from the tree. He has now, started peeling call the bark off, about 2 feet wide by 6 feet tall, do far. Tipped and you’re our fence down, and stole it.
    The Deltona Police have been totally worthless.cthry would not arrest him and just made him give the fence back. This was the second time he has done this. We have hired 2 different Arborists and they both state the Malicious extent of his damage to the tree and loss of real estate value to our property.
    The tree was do beautiful and now looks like half of a scraggly piece of Broccoli.

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