Case of the Day – Monday, December 6, 2021


I regret to say that I was all tied up with important activities, and thus I was unable to post anything of substance today. 

What could be more important than tree and neighbor law, you wonder? Well, I had to assist my 5-year old granddaughter Mabel in building a scale-model snowman, help her 3-year old dynamo of a younger sister Helen make soap in the shape of dinosaurs, and then attend a tea party whose guests included the orange soap Tyrannosaurus and a stuffed meerkat.

The dinosaur ate a plastic taco before the party broke up. 

My wife and I were quite busy with the girls, whom we had not seen in two years while they lived overseas and the pandemic made visiting them impossible. They’re back in the States now, living somewhere with snow, as you can see.

FaceTime is a great thing, but you can’t use FaceTime to make soap dinosaurs. As Helen surely would tell you.

I’ll be back to work tomorrow.

– Tom Root


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